Baldor inverter drives electric motors 5 Micro 10 Micro 15H 15J 16 17H 18H 19H 20H 22H 23H 25M 26M ASR BC ID LD SWEO Sweodrive TSD TSM UM UMH sweo-drive BC-110 BC-115 BC-130 BC-138 BC-139 BC-140 BC-140-FBR BC-141 BC-142 BC-145 BC-154 BC-155 BC-160 BC-200 BC-201 BC-202 BC-203 BC-211 BC-212 BC-213 BCWD-140 BC19H205-CO BC19H210-CO BC19H215-CO BC19H220-CO BC19H225-CO BC19H240-CO BC19H250-CO BC19H260-CO BC19H275-CO BC19H410-CO BC19H4100-CO BC19H4125-CO BC19H4150-CO BC19H420-CO BC19H4250-CO BC19H430-CO BC19H4300-CO BC19H440-CO BC19H450-CO BC19H475-CO BC20H205-CL BC20H210-CL BC20H215-CL BC20H220-CL BC20H225-CL BC20H240-CL BC20H250-CL BC20H260-CL BC20H275-CL BC20H410-CL BC20H420-CL BC20H430-CL BC20H440-CL BC20H450-CL BC20H475-CL BC20H4100-CL BC20H4125-CL BC20H4150-CL BC20H4200-CL BC20H4250-CL BC20H4300-CL BC20H4400-CL BC20H4500-CL BC20H4600-CL ID101F50-E ID10101-E ID102F50-E ID10201-E ID10202-E ID10203-E ID10205-E ID10401-E ID10402-E ID10403-E ID10405-E ID11002F33-MR ID11002F50-MR ID11002F75-MR ID1100201-MR ID12215-E ID12215-EO ID12215-ER ID12220-E ID12220-EO ID12220-ER ID12240-E ID12240-EO ID12240-ER ID12250-E THIS INFORMATION WAS STOLEN FROM TECHREPAIR.COM ID12250-EO ID12250-ER ID12415-E ID12415-EO ID12415-ER ID12420-E ID12420-EO ID12420-ER ID12430-E ID12430-EO ID12430-ER ID12450-E ID12450-EO ID12450-ER ID12475-E ID12475-EO ID12475-ER ID15202-E ID15210-E ID15403-E ID15407-E ID15410-E ID15H201-E ID15H202-E ID15H203-E ID15H205-E ID15H207-E ID15H210-E ID15H215-E ID15H220-EO ID15H220-E ID15H225-EO ID15H230-EO ID15H230V-EO ID15H240-MO ID15H250-MO ID15H250V-MO ID15H401-E ID15H402-E ID15H403-E ID15H405-E ID15H407-E ID15H410-E ID15H4100-EO ID15H415-E ID15H4150-EO ID15H4150V-EO ID15H420-EO ID15H4200-EO ID15H425-EO ID15H4250-EO ID15H430-EO ID15H430V-EO ID15H4300-EO ID15H4350-EO ID15H440-EO ID15H4400-EO ID15H450-EO ID15H4450-EO ID15H460-EO ID15H460V-EO ID15H475-EO ID15H501-E ID15H502-E ID15H503-E ID15H505-E ID15H507-E ID15H510-E ID15H5100-EO ID15H515-E ID15H5150V-EO ID15H520-EO ID15H525-EO ID15H530-EO ID15H540-EO ID15H550-EO ID15H560-EO ID15H575-EO ID15J201-ER ID15J201F5-ER ID15J202-ER ID15J203-ER ID15J401-ER ID15J401F5-ER ID15J402-ER ID15J403-ER ID15J405-ER ID16215-EO ID16220-EO ID16225-EO ID16230-EO ID16240-EO ID16415-EO ID16420-EO ID16425-EO ID16430-EO ID16440-EO ID21H210-EL ID21H215-EL ID21H220-EL ID21H225-EL ID21H230-EL ID21H240-EL ID21H250-EL ID21H410-EL ID21H415-EL ID21H420-EL ID21H425-EL ID21H430-EL ID21H440-EL ID21H450-EL PSM2A060-PR2 PSM2A100-PR2 PSM4A030-PR2 PSM4A050-PR2 PSM4A100-PR2 SD23H2A03-E SD23H2A04-E SD23H2A07-E SD23H2A10-E SD23H2A15-E SD23H2A22-E SD23H2A28-E SD23H2A42-ER SD23H2A55-ER SD24H4A04-E SD24H4A05-E SD24H4A08-E SD24H4A11-E SD24H4A15-ER SD24H4A22-ER SD24H4A30-ER SD26M1A02-TR SD26M1A05-TR SD26M2A05-PO SD26M2A10-PO SD26M2A15-PO SD26M2A25-PO SD26M2A35-PO SD26M2A45-PO SD26M2A60-PO SD26M2A02-TR SD26M2A05-TR SD26M4A02-PO SD26M4A07-PO SD26M4A15-PO SD26M4A25-PO SD26M4A35-PO SD26M4A45-PO SD26M4A60-PO ZD14205-E ZD14207-E ZD14210-E ZD14215-E ZD14225-E ZD14240-E ZD14250-E ZD14405-E ZD14410-E ZD14415-E ZD14425-E ZD14430-E ZD14450-E ZD14475-E ZD17H401-E ZD17H402-E ZD17H403-E ZD17H405-E ZD17H407-E ZD17H410-E ZD17H4100-EO ZD17H415-E ZD17H4150-EO ZD17H4150V-EO ZD17H420-EO ZD17H4200-EO ZD17H425-EO ZD17H430-EO ZD17H430V-EO ZD17H440-EO ZD17H450-EO ZD17H460-EO ZD17H475-EO ZD18H201-E ZD18H201-W ZD18H202-E ZD18H202-W ZD18H203-E ZD18H203-W ZD18H205-E ZD18H205-W ZD18H207-E ZD18H207-W ZD18H210-E ZD18H210-W ZD18H215-E ZD18H215-W ZD18H220-EO ZD18H225-EO ZD18H230-EO ZD18H230V-EO ZD18H240-MO ZD18H250-MO ZD18H250V-MO ZD18H401-E ZD18H401-W ZD18H402-E ZD18H402-W ZD18H403-E ZD18H403-W ZD18H405-E ZD18H405-W ZD18H407-E ZD18H407-W ZD18H410-E ZD18H410-W ZD18H4100-EO ZD18H415-E ZD18H415-W ZD18H4150-EO ZD18H4150V-EO ZD18H420-EO ZD18H4200-EO ZD18H425-EO ZD18H4250-EO ZD18H430-EO ZD18H4300-EO ZD18H430V-EO ZD18H4350-EO ZD18H440-EO ZD18H4400-EO ZD18H4450-EO ZD18H450-EO ZD18H460-EO ZD18H475-EO ZD18H501-E ZD18H502-E ZD18H503-E ZD18H505-E ZD18H507-E ZD18H510-E ZD18H5100-EO ZD18H515-E ZD18H5150V-EO ZD18H520-EO ZD18H525-EO ZD18H530-EO ZD18H540-EO ZD18H550-EO ZD18H560-EO ZD18H575-EO ZD18Q205-ER ZD18Q207-ER ZD18Q210-ER ZD18Q215-EO ZD18Q220-EO ZD18Q225-EO ZD18Q230-EO ZD18Q240-EO ZD18Q405-ER ZD18Q407-ER ZD18Q410-ER ZD18Q415-EO ZD18Q420-EO ZD18Q425-EO ZD18Q430-EO ZD18Q440-EO ZD22H210-EL ZD22H215-EL ZD22H220-EL ZD22H225-EL ZD22H230-EL ZD22H240-EL ZD22H250-EL ZD22H410-EL ZD22H415-EL ZD22H420-EL ZD22H425-EL ZD22H430-EL ZD22H440-EL ZD22H450-EL ZD25M1A02-TR ZD25M1A05-TR ZD25M2A05-PO ZD25M2A10-PO ZD25M2A15-PO ZD25M2A25-PO ZD25M2A35-PO ZD25M2A45-PO ZD25M2A60-PO ZD25M2A02-TR ZD25M2A05-TR ZD25M4A02-PO ZD25M4A07-PO ZD25M4A15-PO ZD25M4A25-PO ZD25M4A35-PO ZD25M4A45-PO ZD25M4A60-PO. I. Services Rendered: Afd vfd vsd asd plc ac/dc controls eddy current drives regen regenerative drives ac drives electric motor drives servo drives adjustable frequency drives flux vector drives servopacks adjustable speed controllers inverter drives soft starts soft starters adjustable speed drives keypads spindle drives control panels variable frequency drives dc drives programmable logic controllers variable speed drives machine tool x y z multi axis drives buying selling core exchange rebuilt reconditioned remanufactured refurbished renewal replacement retrofit rebuild recycle salvage scrap disposes junk demolition recovery removal tear downs disposal auctions upgrades trade-in offers in stock spare parts inventory stocking distributor import export in-house warehouse on-site repair sales buys sells reseller resale buyer purchasing bid bidding liquidator liquidation broker overstock depot supplier supplies clearance discounts dealer wholesale excess mundane new obsolete oem original manufacturer hvac free evaluations and estimates fast turnaround emergency breakdowns ship overnight shipping application downtime installs who what when where why how certified technicians factory automation reverse engineering capabilities programming preventive maintenance troubleshooting start-ups power-ups installation.


II. Printed Circuit Board Reverse Engineering: Accel accel/decel amp amplifier analog arm assembly axis x y z base bd brake cap capacitor card charge charging chopper circuit cnc converter counters couple cpu current custom dancer decel display driver dynamic encoders expander expansion fault feedback field firing follower forward gate gating gto high horsepower hvac igbt industrial input interface isolated isolation isolator jog keypad limit line logic low main master memory meters micro microprocessor modulation module mother motherboard mov negative option output panel pcb phase positive precharge printed process processor pulse rack rectifier regulator relay remote resistor reverse run scr sense sensor sequence servo shunt signal single snubber speed stack starter supply suppression suppressor surge tach tachometer temperature tension three timers torque transistor trigger voltage volts width. III. Refurbishing Components and Energy Value Types: Assemblies bridges cable capacitors breakers coils connectors cooling fans crystals diodes displays electromechanical enclosures filters fuses gto heat sinks ic chips igbt inductors lasers lcd led line reactors optoelectronics oscillators instruments potentiometers pots programmer supplies push buttons rectifiers relays dynamic brake resistors hockey puck scr semiconductors sensors sockets software solder sterling stainless steel motors switches terminals test thermistors timers tools transformers darlington transistors view wire zeners electrical volts 115 200 208 220 230 240 380 400 415 440 460 480 500 575 600 v horsepower 1/4 1/2 3/4 1 1.5 2 3 5 7.5 10 15 20 25 30 40 50 60 75 100 125 150 175 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 600 700 800 900 1000 hp kilowatts 0.1k 0.2k 0.4k 0.75k 1.5k 2.2k 3.7k 5.5k 7.5k 11k 15k 18.5k 22k 30k 37k 45k 55k kw 0.1 0.2 0.4 0.75 1.5 2.2 3.7 5.5 7.5 11 15 18.5 22 30 37 45 55 amperage amps a ul na ct vt constant variable torque 50 60 65 400 hz hertz khz kilohert ma milliamps vdc volts dc vac ac nema enclosure hoffman open chassis 1 2 3 3r 3s 4 4x 5 6 6p 7 9 12 12k 12x 13 washdown 115V 200V 208V 220V 230V 240V 380V 400V 415V 440V 460V 480V 500V 575V 600V 1/4HP 1/2HP 3/4HP 1HP 1.5HP 2HP 3HP 5HP 7.5HP 10HP 15HP 20HP 25HP 30HP 40HP 50HP 60HP 75HP 100HP 125HP 150HP 175HP 200HP 250HP 300HP 350HP 400HP 450HP 500HP 600HP 700HP 800HP 900HP 1000HP phase single 1 three 3 rpm 1750 3450. VI. Worldwide On-Site Service To Your Location: USA united states of america alabama al alaska ak arizona az arkansas ar california ca colorado co connecticut ct delaware de florida fl georgia ga hawaii hi idaho id illinois il indiana in iowa ia kansas ks kentucky ky louisiana la maine me maryland md massachusetts ma michigan mi minnesota mn mississippi ms missouri mo montana mt nebraska ne nevada nv new hampshire nh new jersey nj new mexico nm new york ny north carolina nc north dakota nd ohio oh oklahoma ok oregon or pennsylvania pa rhode island ri south carolina sc south dakota sd tennessee tn texas tx utah ut vermont vt virginia va west virginia wv wisconsin wi wyoming wy canada provinces alberta ab british columbia bc manitoba mb new brunswick nb newfoundland nf nova scotia ns n.w. territories and nunavut nt ontario on prince edward isle pe quebec qc saskatchewan sk yukon territory yt north/south america europe africa asia albania algeria american samoa andorra angola anguilla antigua argentina armenia aruba ascension island australia austria azerbaijan bahamas bahrain bangladesh barbados belarus belgium belize benin bermuda bhutan bolivia bosnia-herzegovina botswana brazil british virgin islands brunei bulgaria burkina faso cameroon cape verde cayman island chile china christmas island cocos island colombia comoros cook island costa rica croatia cyprus czech republic denmark diego garcia djibouti dominica dominican republic ecuador egypt el salvador england equatorial guinea eritrea estonia faeroe islands falkland islands fiji islands finland french antilles french guiana french polynesia france gabon gambia georgia germany gibraltar greece greenland grenada guadeloupe guam guantanamo bay guatemala guinea bissau guyana haiti honduras hong kong hungary iceland india indonesia ireland israel italy jamaica japan jordan kazakhstan kenya kiribati kuwait kyrgyzstan laos latvia lesotho liechtenstein lithuania luxembourg macau macedonia madagascar malawi malaysia maldives mali malta mariana islands marshall islands mauritania mauritius mayotte island mexico micronesia moldova monaco montserrat myanmar nakhodka sakhalin nauru nepal netherland antilles netherlands nev islands new caledonia new zealand nicaragua niue norway oman palau panama new guinea paraguay peru philippines poland portugal puerto rico qatar reunion island romania russia saipan san marino sao tome & principe saudi arabia scotland serbia kosovo seychelles singapore slovakia slovenia solomon islands south africa south korea spain sri lanka st helena st kitts st lucia st pierre/miquelon st vincent suriname swaziland sweden switzerland tadjikistan taiwan tanzania thailand togo tonga trinidad/tobago tunisia turkey turkmenistan turks and caicos islands tuvalu uae united arab emirates us virgin islands ukraine uk united kingdom uruguay uzbekistan vanuatu venezuela vietnam wales wallis/futuna western samoa yemen.

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